Diesel Mechanic Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Diesel Mechanic?

Diesel Mechanic in New York Mills:
Pros: Good enviroment
Cons: People

Diesel Mechanic in Winter Garden:
"Panama city not winter garden. And pay scales in this town are extremely subpar."
Pros: Only here because of family and children
Cons: Small town politics and horrible pay scales in all trades.

Diesel Mechanic in Roanoke:
"Heavy equipment repair."
Pros: Nothing at all.
Cons: The drive.

Diesel Mechanic in Des Plaines:
"Work hard."
Learn as much as you can, never be afraid to ask questions, and be prepared to get dirty and spend a lot of money in Tools.

Diesel Mechanic in Boise:
Pros: The job changes from day to day. Your experience helps the company.
Cons: You get really dirty. You often have to work long hours in cold environments.

Diesel Mechanic in Edinburg:
"Close to home easy commute."
Pros: Like being close to family and home if I need to be they are flexible about leaving when I have to.

Diesel Mechanic in Hazard:
"Work schedule changing."
Be prepared not to have a home life.