Digital Media Specialist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Digital Media Specialist?

Digital Media Specialist in Syracuse, New York:
"The armpit of NY."
Pros: Being near family.
Cons: Being in Syracuse.

Digital Media Specialist in beekman:
"Working in the Event Rental Industry."
Pros: I get to use my creativity and skills to create advertisements, social media posts, and product images for a rental company.
Cons: It is unclear how much work is expected of me day to day and week to week.

Digital Media Specialist in Harlingen:
"Right Job, Wrong Industry."
Pros: Working with code to produce websites and other small web applications. This has allowed me to progress far in becoming a web developer.
Cons: The type of business that I work for. I personally don't know much about accounting, let alone explaining anything about the work that my coworkers do. If I have to be the receptionist, I would have to know a substantial amount of terminology and how things work in this type of business to engage with customers. Being that I'm a web developer, I don't wish to find myself in a situation in which I have to deal with the customer, given that I don't know about their tax situations, but yet somehow I still find myself having to deal with that. Yes I was receptionist for 6 months before being promoted but now that I have my separate work to deal with, I don't wish to deal with anything accounting related or for the customer, unless there's an emergency.