Digital Strategist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Digital Strategist?

Digital Strategist in Tulsa:
"Tulsa – The Last American City."
Pros: Many opportunities for creative self-starters
Cons: Oil & gas-dominated economy

Digital Strategist in Detroit:
Pros: Stable work environments, low cost of living, good work/life balance
Cons: Automotive can be a world unto itself

Digital Strategist in New York:
"Producer Turned Strategist."
Pros: Creative problem solving for brands!
Cons: The company culture is stifling.

Digital Strategist in Little Rock:
"Digital Marketing Little Rock."
Pros: Getting to meet new people and learn things about products and businesses that one wouldn't know was useful and getting to watch a business grow is the best thing about this job.
Cons: You never have enough time. Some of use actually want to give clients what they pay for while other people don't.