Direct Support Professional Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Direct Support Professional?

Direct Support Professional in Los Angeles:
Pros: It's rewarding to help people daily.
Cons: I would like to be paid more for my position.

Direct Support Professional in New York:
Pros: The individuals that I support and encourage.
Cons: Mandatory meeting every first of the month.

Direct Support Professional in Newton:
We work hard at what we do and the pay should show it not stay at just about the same pay since we started the individual give joy in my life love what I do just want to be appreciated.

Direct Support Professional in West Greenwich:
"Under paid in Rhode Island."
Pros: I like the people I help.
Cons: Poor management, the manager is stretched thin and choses not to work in the two homes on the provided shifts. Has said that he/she likes to do her other programs. Uses the other programs to be busy in and needs to get to know the residents like the last manager did.

Direct Support Professional in Staten Island:
"Work Flexibility."
Pros: I like that my job is flexible and theirs growth within the company. Mostly the importance are my guys and they are the ones who brighten up my day.
Cons: Coordination can be a bit overwhelming at times along with communication towards the employees.

Direct Support Professional in Johnson City:
Pros: Taking care of these people is the best thing ever they give so much back to you, and are so thankful.
Cons: The management doesn't Lways listen to suggestions, even though we are with the clients everyday.

Direct Support Professional in Kansas City:
Expect a high turn over within the organization.