Direct Support Professional Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Direct Support Professional?

Direct Support Professional in Washington:
"Awesome & Needed."
Pros: The response from my client and how they look forward to my presence for any assistance.
Cons: Severe behavior issues, abuse stories and mis handling of our more physically challenged adults or children.

Direct Support Professional in Portland:
"Assisting adults with intellectual/developmental disabilies."
Pros: The participants and my coworkers. The benefits are pretty good.
Cons: Very low wage, high stress environment - constantly understaffed, high turnover, potential for physical violence or mental health crises daily is emotionally draining. Physical safety hazards for a vulnerable population due to neglect from Albertina Kerr.

Direct Support Professional in Omak:
"$11/hr maximum."
Dead end job. Get degree move on.

Direct Support Professional in Rochester:
"Paid to Love."
Be flexible, be encouraging, be inspired.

Direct Support Professional in Johnson City:
"A C.N.A job without C.N.A pay!"
A great starting job for those fresh out of high school. However, no place to form a career.

Direct Support Professional in Kansas City:
"Not too bad."
Pros: Health insurance available. Can pick up extra hours. Can go out with clients out to eat, take part in events. You get to help and make a difference in someone's life who needs it.
Cons: Hard to change schedules. Coworkers slack on the job. Vacation time is small. It is hard to have a schedule that makes study and work possible. Can become stressful.

Direct Support Professional in Kansas City:
"Not too bad."
Pros: You can dress casually, paid sick leave, no hard lifting required, and extra hours can be acquired. You can choose to be prn, part-time, or full-time. You can go out with clients to eat or participate in events.
Cons: Hard to keep up with mileage sheets. Take clients/residents to appointments. Coworkers can be mean and/or bad. Can be very stressful.