Electrical Engineer Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Electrical Engineer?

Electrical Engineer in St. Louis:
"Get your hands dirty."
Go do some technician/electrician work.

Electrical Engineer in Dallas:
"I love it. Always learning. Never bored while in the field."
Pros: Love traveling. Always learning.
Cons: The time off. Last minute changes. Communication.

Electrical Engineer in New Orleans:
"Great People, Okay Pay,"
Pros: Great starting job, learn the basics of instrumentation and electrical distribution.
Cons: Stagnant career. People higher up treat you as if you are insignificant. Hard to progress your career.

Electrical Engineer in Duluth:
"Office conditions."
Pros: Management is good, culture of company is good.
Cons: Repitition of daily activities.

Electrical Engineer in Hartford:
"I would have gone accounting."
Hope that you like the idea of interesting work for low pay, and unpaid overtime. But the work is really interesting. So are my kids.

Electrical Engineer in Allentown:
"What to look for."
Find a company where you enjoy working and your work makes a difference.

Electrical Engineer in Oswego:
"Keep An Open Mind."
Keep an open mind. Learn as much as possible from the senior people in the roles you have and want. They usually know more of the tribal knowledge that you can not obtain any other way and that knowledge becomes incredibly useful. Be friendly and get to know the people you work with, they become your family away from home. If you're not happy where you are take the steps to change it, nobody will know you are unhappy if you do not communicate. Money is not everything, weigh all the factors as they pertain to your life before making a decision to move companies or careers. Lastly, do not forget where you came from or how you got there. Nobody achieves anything with out some kind of help from others, respect and praise them for what they have done for you.