Electrical Engineer Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Electrical Engineer?

Electrical Engineer in Yanbu:
"Electrical engineer."
Get thorough knowledge during training. And apply the skills learnt in training to the project.

Electrical Engineer in Mc Gregor:
"Great things happen."
Pros: Every day is a new problem to fix. There are always new things to engineer.
Cons: The pace is so fast it is easy to work 60+ hours and still be expected to contribute more.

Electrical Engineer in Luanda:
"Power Plant Turnkey solution to client needs."
Project, technical and financial consulting, budgeting, supervision, work control, Human Resources. Learn to control stress levels, organizing yourself and focusing on priorities.

Electrical Engineer in Orlando:
"Long range carrer potential."
Find out what is your top ceiling development potential within the company, what are the oportunities of development within the company.

Electrical Engineer in Baltimore:
"Lots of additional assignments."
Pros: I like the work atmosphere.
Cons: I do not like my pay.

Electrical Engineer in Colmar:
"Revise engineer, create design spec."
Pros: Handle a lot of different projects. It's good for me to get more knowledge of how the part actually works in the vehicle.
Cons: Salary is pretty low compare to other companies.

Electrical Engineer in Columbus:
Pros: Gain experience.
Cons: Pay.