Electrical Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Electrical Engineer?

Electrical Engineer in York:
"Team Element, Being Part Of A Larger Whole, Very Rewarding."
Pros: Work flexibility is amazing, especially with a 9/80 schedule. Professional environment is very refreshing. Enjoy learning every day. Surrounded by people who will drop whatever they are doing to lend a hand or offer advice. When it does occur, the team-driven experiences are what I like the most.
Cons: Can sometimes get overwhelmed, which lends to operating in isolation, takes away the benefits of teamwork. Some aspects are out of my control, can only do so much. Accessibility of management varies quite a bit. 10 hours of "professional overtime" lends to an all or nothing approach. Lack of physical activity, or in general being able to put my hands on something vs. sitting at a desk working up documentation.