Electrical Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Electrical Engineer?

Electrical Engineer in Erie:
Pros: Erie is my home town. Small and good place to raise kids.
Cons: Limited employment opportunities for electrical engineer.

Electrical Engineer in Huntsville:
"Low cost of living. Good atmosphere."
Pros: Huntsville is a medium sized town with the highest number of tech jobs per capita in the united states. There are several universities and colleges that rank in the top 100 in the nation in town.
Cons: Traffic sucks! All traffic into the city on two sides has to cross a river so that it is a choke point.

Electrical Engineer in Stow:
"Easy Commute and close to nice Areas."
Pros: Stow is easily accessible via route 8 and connects to lots of other nice areas in northeast Ohio. Akron is 15-20 minutes south, Hudson is 5 minutes north and Cleveland is 30 minutes north. Lots of good food options in the area. Competitively-priced land and great parks when it's nice outside.
Cons: There is little night life besides bars in Akron or Cleveland.

Electrical Engineer in Albuquerque:
"Cost of living."
Pros: Relatively cheap to live in Albuquerque.
Cons: Economy.

Electrical Engineer in Toledo:
"Love It."
Pros: Toledo is an excellent city with lots of our customers located within the city limits. There are many diverse industries that our company caters to.
Cons: I don't really have anything bad to say about the Toledo area.

Electrical Engineer in Los Angeles:
"Fun job to help airlines, but stressful."
Pros: Nice, warm weather, lots of good restaurants to eat, nice beaches.
Cons: Very bad traffic.

Electrical Engineer in New York:
Pros: Public transportation, fast paced, opportunities.
Cons: Traffic, weather, business minded people.