Electrical Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Electrical Engineer?

Electrical Engineer in New York:
Pros: Public transportation. Fast paced. Job opportunities.
Cons: Climate. Traffic. Parking. Pollution.

Electrical Engineer in Hamden:
Get ready for some stress.

Electrical Engineer in Kohler:
"Working as an electrical engineer."
Pros: Different responsibilities everyday. Respect from others. Seeing the things that I design come to life. Trouble shooting problems on the fly.
Cons: Some long days. Unrealistic deadlines.

Electrical Engineer in 91355:
"Corporate Culture."
Pros: The company is a very friendly, semi-family oriented company. Is understanding on family obligations but does expect exceptional work in a timely manner. Since its a small company I am on lots of projects and have many opportunities to learn different skills.
Cons: Some times expectations are a little too high and uncalled for on how quickly things should be done in.

Electrical Engineer in Clifton:
Pros: Varity and responsibility.
Cons: None the compay is awesome.

Electrical Engineer in Niskayuna:
"It's a long learning curve, but fun."
Be careful of the details, but learn to know where to pay attention to the details, and where it's ok to hand-wave. If you are not a detailed oriented person, find someone who is, and get them on your team. Always have a back-up plan when the nominal plan fails. Better yet, have a Plan C, and Plan D, and buy plenty of spare parts unless the cost is prohibitive. Many times, the cost of extra materials is small compare to lost calendar time when you needed a part and the next order won't come for another 4 weeks. Have options built into the design when uncertainty is high, then remove them as you iterate towards the final design. Always plan for at least 2 shots at getting a design right. Buy a good multimeter and put your name on it.

Electrical Engineer in Chelmsford:
"Flexible, problem solving."
Pros: Not micromanaged. Minimal Paper work.
Cons: Pay is low. Slightly repetitive.