Electrician Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Electrician?

Electrician in Beloit:
"The Learning process never stop."
Never get to comfortable on the job because your life is in your hands and anyone else you maybe working with. The learning process never stop because technology is forever changing. If you can go to as many training classes that is offered. Remember that safety is number one priority. Don't take shortcuts because usually you create additional problems you didn't address when taking the time to get get right the first time. It's okay to ask questions if you not sure of what you're doing. KNOWLEDGE is power so keep learning as much as you can while still working.

Electrician in Canton:
"More math."
Mathematical education is key.

Electrician in Rancho Cucamonga:
"What are the benifits."
Stay with it.

Electrician in Tallahassee:
"How contractors were going to treat their employees."
Go north of the maisons Dixon line travel to make money.

Electrician in High Point:
Pros: The people I work with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cons: Too fast pace!!! Don't have time to learn much more!!!

Electrician in Chino:
"Exciting and very challenging."
Pros: I like that it's different every day you never do the same thing twice it's very challenging and it tests your ability.
Cons: It's very dangerous and many people have lost their lives doing it.

Electrician in Riverside:
"Best damn time I've ever had."
Pros: The problem solving. It's never the same repetitive motion through out the day. Always have to think ahead. Being creative on how to get the job done.
Cons: The heat. Other than that it's all fun in games.