Electrician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Electrician?

Electrician in Red Bud:
Pros: Close to home with great benefits.
Cons: Small town which means smaller average wages.

Electrician in Kihei:
Pros: It's close to home. It usually doesn't rain.
Cons: It gets hot in the summer which makes attics hot.

Electrician in Stephenville:
Pros: This is where I was raised and my family calls home.
Cons: The pay isn't like working in dallas fort worth area.

Electrician in Miami Beach:
"New workers."
Be patient, follow directions, and work hard.

Electrician in Kansas City:
"KC employment seems good."
Pros: Friendly people and coworkers. Slower pace of life in Midwest.
Cons: Extreme weather at times.

Electrician in Oakland:
Pros: Keep my boat in berekley marina. Go offshore fishing for crab, salmon, and ot couse rock fish.

Electrician in Richmond:
"Maintenance for the facilities of the city."
Be safe and learn as much about your craft.