Elementary School Teacher Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Elementary School Teacher?

Elementary School Teacher in Grand Rapids:
"So much with and for so little."
Continue to network on the side so you have a back up plan.

Elementary School Teacher in Lexington:
"Time management."
Use your time wisely.

Elementary School Teacher in Fairview Heights:
"Knowledge Is Power."
Pros: I absolutely love the children with whom I work. I love watching them learn and loving learning.
Cons: My boss is never present, and expects us to do things beyond our job title and degree without pay compensation. We are not provided the materials or space required to complete the actions expected of us.

Elementary School Teacher in Corpus Christi:
Retirement preparation should begin with employment to supplement state retirement pay. Many school districts offer additional instruction in education. Take advantage of this bonus.

Elementary School Teacher in Fort Rucker:
"What type of Reading Programs are used?"
You need to be organized. Respect your principal, coworkers , and parents. Make your teaching experience. Fun for your students. Set high goals for your students.

Elementary School Teacher in Ogden:
It requires a it of hard work and complete dedication, but it is joyful work.

Elementary School Teacher in Fremont:
"Rewarding Yet Dizzying."
Pros: I like the children, the silly comments they make and being the boss of my own classroom where I get to create learning experiences that are meaningful and exciting. I have the power to make learning ANYTHING fun!
Cons: I hate the office politics, the culture of complaining that teachers seem to create, and the parents breathing down your neck even if you are doing your job really well.