Elementary School Teacher Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Elementary School Teacher?

Elementary School Teacher in Lowell:
"Standardized Tests Determine Your Competency."
Realize the measure of your competency as a teacher will be determined by the outcome of a state administered standardized test. Any administrator who tells you otherwise is lying. Their performance is measured by the entire school's test results so naturally they will address the teachers whose students scored lowest first.

Elementary School Teacher in Atlanta:
"Most Rewarding Job."
It is important to love the job and not the compensation. It's not just a career, it's a Calling.

Elementary School Teacher in Saratoga:
"Don't become a teacher."
You are underpaid, under appreciated, and your fate lies with politicians. I hope you REALLY love kids. The perks of your job include bagels on teacher appreciation days. People who barely see their own kids will tell you how to improve your teaching. Remember these words: assessment, essential questions, and especially- professional responsibility. Don't ever believe you are making a good salary. I have been working for my district for 11 years. I make 42 dollars per hour. That's the hours they pay me for. Trust me, in reality I make about 20 dollars per hour. Did I mention that I can only get paid for 6.5 hours per day and 183 days per year? No overtime, and the only opportunity to make more money means working summer school. Plumbers make 45 dollars an hour and they can work as much as they want. Again, I hope you really like kids. Luckily I do. I just wish teaching wasn't such a disappointment.

Elementary School Teacher in Dallas:
"Working as a Teacher."
Pros: Vacation, 403b, weekends off, co-workers, past raises and stipends, pension plan.
Cons: New evaluation system, pressure, meetings, after hours work, paperwork, early hours, low medical insurance coverage, short lunch (30 minutes)

Elementary School Teacher in San Mateo:
"Can be stressful, but love it anyway!"
Pros: The kids and their achievements.
Cons: I can't support my 2 kids on my income as a single mom. My rent is low for my area and only $700 less than my monthly paycheck.

Elementary School Teacher in Worcester:
Pros: The time off is great. I like that every day is different. I feel like my job makes a difference in the lives of children.
Cons: The deadlines, non-stop testing, and micro-managing.

Elementary School Teacher in Orange:
"How to run and manage a class."
Classroom management is the most important tool to ensure success. Collaberate with someone you admire.