Elementary School Teacher Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Elementary School Teacher?

Elementary School Teacher in Rock Hill:
"I like the flexibility."
Pros: It's large enough to have things to do, but not so large that traffic is bad.

Elementary School Teacher in Cincinnati:
"I love working in Cincinnati."
Pros: I love the area.
Cons: The commute time.

Elementary School Teacher in Urbana:
"Enjoy the job!"
Go into it with your students first. Love the hard work, because it pays off for the students.

Elementary School Teacher in Columbia:
Pros: The SCHOOLS THE KIDS, great college,
Cons: Traffic to work. The taxes in the Columbia area.

Elementary School Teacher in Chicago:
The benefit package is a little expensive.

Elementary School Teacher in Fredericksburg:
Pros: I am close to family and I like the accessibility of the stores, etc.
Cons: I do not like the traffic on route 3.

Elementary School Teacher in Oviedo:
"Your pay does NOT increase and people look DOWN on teachers."
Do it because you love it. You may never get a raise and if you do it is so minute that it doesn't matter (like $200 a year). People view you as someone who is below them. In addition, they don't want to increase your yearly wage. They feel like you chose a job taking care of kids and should get paid accordingly. That is untrue. YOU are not a daycare worker, you are an educator who went to school for 4 years to get a degree. So unfair. The positives: You get the summer off, spring break, and winter break. You get to teach kids how to learn. It is an AMAZING feeling.