Elementary School Teacher Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Elementary School Teacher?

Elementary School Teacher in Meadville:
Pace yourself and teaching is about the love of the profession and the love for your students and the staff. Always be positive and stay away from the crazy people.

Elementary School Teacher in Stockton:
Pros: Close to home.
Cons: My site supervisor.

Elementary School Teacher in Tucson:
"Not a review."
Pros: It's warm here.
Cons: Low pay. Traffic.

Elementary School Teacher in Sunrise:
Administration is filled with politics. I think they forgot that our goal is to educate. Our students should be the top of every decision made. It's nice to have supportive parents.

Elementary School Teacher in Stoneham:
""It takes a village...""
Pros: Throughout my career , I worked with many teachers, often within their classrooms, especially because many of the years I was a special Education Teacher. I found the majority of Stoneham Teachers collaborative and caring! Our goal was to do the best we could for each and every child!
Cons: Easy: Too many workshops! Although I certainly appreciate continuing education, I found that taking teachers out of the classroom on a consistent basis throughout the year was not "Best Practice" for the children in the classroom. Having the consistency and presence of their teacher in the classroom far outweighs the benefit teacher's may receive from attending workshops during classroom and teaching time.

Elementary School Teacher in Grand Haven:
"Invest more into retirement."
Take out loans to buy years for work experience.

Elementary School Teacher in Monroeville:
"Initial hours of work."
Stick with it! It gets better and you will get better! Keep the kids first. Be equitable and fair. Keep learning all there is to know about teaching. And always pay it forward. Someone will have helped make you better, so do the same for someone else!