Event Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Event Coordinator?

Event Coordinator in New York:
Pros: People I work with are all professional and hard workers.
Cons: Complaints, etc.

Event Coordinator in Chicago:
"Be Prepared to Do Anything and Everything."
Pros: Working at a university has great networking opportunities, especially if you're interested in learning more about higher ed and student affairs. So being able to be a face to a local premiere university is a great position. I also like that I am able to assist in facilitating events that bring together people who want to give local students opportunities to learn more college.
Cons: I often do things that I am not clear about or know a lot about. My manager and all those that I answer to haven't clearly trained me on a lot of things and have high expectations which makes my job very frustrating at times. Also, because it is only part-time, financially it can be difficult to be so available when I literally can't afford to be because my commute is so long and costly.

Event Coordinator in Rohnert Park:
"Coordinating Events with for students with students."
Pros: Working with and for students.
Cons: Old processes that should be updated.

Event Coordinator in Oakland:
"I love my job."
Pros: I use my head, hands, and heart.
Cons: Can have long/late hours.

Event Coordinator in Melbourne:
"Global Awareness."
Pros: Working with students from around the world.
Cons: Stress level at certain times of the year.

Event Coordinator in Atascadero:
"Work Flexibility."
Pros: I love basically everything about my job. It is amazing. I am able to move around and learn and grow.
Cons: Just my pay.