Event Coordinator Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Event Coordinator?

Event Coordinator in Colorado Springs:
"Event Coordination 101."
I would advise a new Event Coordinator to be friendly and direct. Time management and organization are key. It's important to have a solid method of organizing all your events, tasks, etc. I recommend an organization software like Asana or Cvent. I would also say to be yourself. What makes an Event Coordinator different from the rest of the industry is the ability to be relevant, but unique. It's important to have creativity while also mastering the administration aspects. It's an all-encompassing vocation that requires lots of multi-tasking, patience, confidence, and project management skills. Most of all, have fun with what you're doing. If you aren't enjoying it, something isn't right!

Event Coordinator in Onamia:
"Gaming Industry."
Pros: Short commute to work.
Cons: Everyone knows everyone.

Event Coordinator in Greenbelt:
"Learn Everyone's Job."
Learn the duties of everyone!

Event Coordinator in Detroit:
"Event Logistics at a Barbecue."
Pros: The flexible schedule and lack of uniform is great. I am allowed the freedom and autonomy to make choices.
Cons: Often a lack of support from the restaurant itself. Resentment from staff over what they consider a "cushy" job.

Event Coordinator in Columbus:
"Experienced based position."
Pros: I like that I can travel several times a year to each event. I am given freedom to get my work done without being watched over. I love the office environment and enjoy being around my coworkers.
Cons: As an Events Coordinator with 7 conferences a year, I don't have time to book travel and airport shuttles for staff. Because "events" is in my title, I am expected to make dinner reservations and plan staff parties.

Event Coordinator in West Palm Beach:
Pros: Free food, flowers. High energy.
Cons: Hours, stress, high pressure.

Event Coordinator in Thousand Oaks:
"Struggling company means no benefits or raises."
Struggling company means no benefits or raises.