Event Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Event Coordinator?

Event Coordinator in Benton Harbor:
Pros: Close to home.
Cons: Nothing.

Event Coordinator in Atlanta:
"The amount of administrative work to be done."
Stay positive.

Event Coordinator in Salt Lake City:
Pros: Clean and friendly city.
Cons: Payscale seems a little low.

Event Coordinator in New York:
"Fun things to do, great walkability."
Pros: Everything is at your finger tips!
Cons: It is very expensive to live here.

Event Coordinator in Houston:
Pros: Decent pay, flexible, great colleagues and supervisors.
Cons: Long hours, can be stressful, working holidays.

Event Coordinator in Vancouver:
Pros: The clients, weddings, decorating, planning, dress code,
Cons: Management, pay, no benefits, no room for growth.

Event Coordinator in Denton:
Pros: Meeting new people!
Cons: The salary.