Executive Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Executive Assistant?

Executive Assistant in Miami:
"Busy, no day is the same."
Pros: I like that each day is different and there is no true "job description"
Cons: The days when there is little or nothing to do.

Executive Assistant in Overland Park:
Pros: I like the fact that I am not micro-managed. I am trusted to get the things I am assigned done. My manager trusts that I will get things taken care of correctly and efficiently.
Cons: I have so many jobs on my to-do list that I can't keep up nor do quality work. The person I have that I can assign some of the tasks to, isn't careful and makes mistakes or forgets to do the task. I continuously have new tasks assigned to me to add to my load.

Executive Assistant in Camas:
"The culture, the flexibility, location, environment, benefit."
Pros: The culture, the flexibility, location, environment, health benefits package, freebies.
Cons: Location is too far from my house.

Executive Assistant in Greensboro:
Pros: Corporate culture, work flexibility, office conditions, stress level, perks, the management.

Executive Assistant in Orlando:
Pros: I'm allowed to create my own systems and solve problems without constantly checking with my boss. I enjoy helping our members.
Cons: I've been given responsibilities far above and beyond my original duties and barely compensated for the changes. I've absorbed a coworker's job as well as half of a Vice President's.

Executive Assistant in New York:

Executive Assistant in Los Angeles:
"Asssitant to the CEO."
Pros: Interacting with exciting scripts and projects.
Cons: My direct supervisor, the chairman, the environment of the company, the way people operate under stress.