Executive Assistant Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Executive Assistant?

Executive Assistant in Chandler:
"Work Harder Than You Think You Should."
"perception is reality." It doesn't matter if you work your ass off, if it isn't perceived, it doesn't matter.

Executive Assistant in Wichita:
Be ready to do anything and everything for every person that works here.

Executive Assistant in Aurora:
"Lots Of Duties And Responsibilities, Stressful, Learn A Lot."
Pros: Learns the duties and responsibilities and provides assistance and backup for the Chief Executive Officer, Billing Director, and Director of Records and Compliance. I have the opportunity to learn and grow so much.
Cons: Stress level, unnecessary tasks, coworker.

Executive Assistant in New York:
"Focus on school."
Put all your effort into your education and focus on IV league universties.

Executive Assistant in Washington:
"Work Hard And Continue To Learn."
Learn all that you can about the company you are working for. Make your boss look good at all costs. Keep current with new techniques and trends. Always strive to be your best. Dress appropriately.

Executive Assistant in Jericho:
"Boring And Busy."
Pros: I work for a lot of different people, not just one partner so that keeps it a little more interesting. I have varied responsibilities.
Cons: The work itself is tedious and boring, nothing interesting about clicking a mouse and typing the same things over and over (tax return and financial statement processing).

Executive Assistant in Rochelle Park:
"The Politics Of Inequality Within A Law Firm."
Learn to delegate or ask for help if you are overloaded. Do not let stress get to you by trying to do everything and please everyone. You cannot be an expert at one thing if you have too many things on your plate.