Executive Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Executive Assistant?

Executive Assistant in Fort Worth:
"Good opportunity."
Pros: Good boss, involved in community, close to home.
Cons: Not much room to move up, small office, paid hourly, mundane activity.

Executive Assistant in Buffalo:
"Miserable: Not What I Signed Up For."
Pros: Most of the people are very nice and I enjoy them.
Cons: My skills aren't utilized. I am unappreciated. Agreed to fill two roles until a new person was hired for one of them. People do not treat me as an intelligent person, all I'm good for is printing/copies/mailing. I'm a better writer than a lot of people here. No one listens to me or respects my opinion or knowledge, even on basic things. Incredibly micro-managed. Feel inferior, unmotivated, without hope.

Executive Assistant in San Francisco:
"Keeps you on your toes."
Pros: Great environment; great, smart, nice open-minded employers and. Co-workers; high level of autonomy; constant positive feedback; room for self-expression, to experiment with new ideas and think outside the box, to grow; no corporate politics.
Cons: No clear role descriptions, slight inefficiencies, little non-work related team interaction, somewhat inconvenient location.

Executive Assistant in Boston:
"Power and autonomy."
Pros: You have a lot of autonomy to get things done and if you have a good relationship with your boss you can benefit from this.
Cons: Many times people will think that the EA is an admin to everyone on the team which is not always the case.

Executive Assistant in Grand Rapids:
Pros: Love meeting new residents.

Executive Assistant in Knoxville:
Pros: Off on holidays. Decent pay with bonuses. Sense of accomplishment when tasks and projects are completed.
Cons: High stress. Constant change. Long hours.

Executive Assistant in Los Angeles:
Pros: Watching films.
Cons: Collecting and organizing receipts.