Executive Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Executive Assistant?

Executive Assistant in The Woodlands:
"Corporate culture, positive office conditions, medium stress."
Pros: Corporate culture, positive atmosphere, people depend on me for many things,
Cons: Underpaid, pay is hourly rate, overtime is minimal.

Executive Assistant in Troy:
Pros: Management, work flexibility, coworkers, staff events.
Cons: Compensation and not challenging.

Executive Assistant in Orlando:
"Change Is The New Norm."
Be prepared for changes in people, in duties, in atmosphere. Treat everyone with respect, you will be surprised at the help you will receive.

Executive Assistant in San Diego:
"Would Have Chosen The Real Estate Industry Earlier In My Career."
You have to be two steps ahead of your boss and don't assume anything. Challenging job that changes by the minutes so you have to be organized.

Executive Assistant in Atlanta:
"Different Titles For Same Work."
If you're looking for work, especially in government, consider including other titles to your search.

Executive Assistant in Hanover:
"Executive Assistant For A Government Contractor."
Pros: Planning events, planning travel, scheduling meetings, great coworkers, interacting with other executives and management from partnering companies.
Cons: Taking notes and meeting minutes, having to pay daily tolls for my commute.

Executive Assistant in Tampa:
"Confidentiality Required."
You will be responsible for maintaining private correspondence and bank accounts. Multi-tasking is critical and no two days will be the same.