Executive Assistant to CEO Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Executive Assistant to CEO?

Executive Assistant to CEO in Jackson:
"Key information."
You must possess organizational skills to prioritize the dozens of tasks required of you.

Executive Assistant to CEO in Houston:
Must be organized, able to multi-task, work well under stress, make quick decisions, work with little supervision, able to work under someone that micro-manages, detail oriented, meticulous, excellent software skills, coordinating meetings and events, making travel arrangements, calendar management, gate keeper, must anticipate executive's needs.

Executive Assistant to CEO in Millersburg:
"Different tasks."
Pros: I like the variety of this job.
Cons: Unpredictable work flow.

Executive Assistant to CEO in Chicago:
"The Trust is Very Imnportant."
Loyalty and trust will secure a future in this field.

Executive Assistant to CEO in Sisters:
""Other Duties as Assigned""
When I took this position it was as Executive Assistant to the President and CEO plus the Board of Directors. Then the "other duties as assigned" was invoked. Since then I have been tasked with creating and managing a rotating art gallery, a summer concert series, and a library. These are all interesting projects, but have greatly added to my work load.

Executive Assistant to CEO in Calabasas:
"I wish I knew I would also be a personal assistant."
Make sure you know all the details of your job description and duties. CEO's and/or high level executives tend to want more than they say!

Executive Assistant to CEO in Charlotte:
"High stress, stressful culture, long hours."
Pros: The company has been great to me. Really enjoy manufacturing environment.
Cons: Supervisor, office environment, working from home, stressful environment, unappreciated.