Executive Assistant to CEO Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Executive Assistant to CEO?

Executive Assistant to CEO in San Francisco:
Pros: The organization that I work for and the people I work with inspires me everyday. The Center for Youth Wellness is an innovative and first of its kind mental health clinic that works with children 0-7 who have suffered from adverse childhood experiences and and exposed to high levels of toxic stress. I want to eventually have a career in nonprofit public health sector, so my job as the executive assistant to the CEO affords me a lot of insight into this field of work.
Cons: The major downside is that my job is very high in stress, as my boss is an extremely high profile and busy doctor/scientist. She is also the CEO to this nonprofit organization and is not the easiest person to work for. She has very poor managing skills and is very condescending to majority of employees, most often myself. This is also a budding health clinic so when I started we were still a start up and my job included working for the 5 other people in the office. But after major funding increases we have grown well out of start up level, yet I am still the only admin support, so my work load has grown with the organization.

Executive Assistant to CEO in Dallas:
Pros: Love what I do. I create value every day. I wear many hats and get great satisfaction out of helping other achieve success in their roles. Without my attention to detail and dedication to excellence my VIP would have little chance of being effective in their role. My role is vital to my VIP's success.
Cons: Paygrade.

Executive Assistant to CEO in Chicago:
Pros: Freedom, ability to influence decisions, knowledge of multiple scopes and departments, opportunity for growth.
Cons: Incredibly stressful job, long hours and unpredictability with work load.