Executive Assistant to CEO Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Executive Assistant to CEO?

Executive Assistant to CEO in New York:
"Surprising Work/Life Balance in the Big Apple."
Pros: I love the energy, the summer Fridays and the opportunity.
Cons: A salary considered amazing most other places around the country does not go far in NYC.

Executive Assistant to CEO in Scottsdale:
"Fun, clean, great shopping."
Pros: Easy to get around, close to everything, popular.
Cons: N/A.

Executive Assistant to CEO in Elkhart:
"A little bit of everything."
Pros: Everyday is different! I get to drive their nice cars! I learn about different things going on in the community. I have great coworkers. My boss can be flexible with my hours.
Cons: I don't like the pay. I don't get a bonus. I work evening hours.

Executive Assistant to CEO in Brentwood:
"Never bored."
Pros: There is never a dull moment working for a CEO. I wear many hats and have a variety of different duties.
Cons: I have extremely under paid, do not receive vacation time, no benefits, and my boss changes his mind a million times.

Executive Assistant to CEO in Fenton:
"Experience is better than an education."
Get as much experience as you can. Don't stay at the same job too long. Learn from one position then move to another. You learn from each company, and job you perform.

Executive Assistant to CEO in Fenton:
"Experience is more important than education."
Learn from each position / job you have and take that to the next. Do not stay in one position too long unless you feel you have learned all you need to and just want to coast.

Executive Assistant to CEO in Killeen:
"Never stop learning."
If you aspire to be an assistant to a person in a leadership position, have a broad education - learn everything you can in any field you are exposed to. Have a basic understanding of law, consumer relations, database management, written communication, and anything else that pertains to your field of employment.