Fashion Designer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Fashion Designer?

Fashion Designer in San Diego:
"Great lifestyle."
Pros: easy and casual lifestyle
Cons: not many opportunities in fashion

Fashion Designer in San Diego:
"Very competitive."
Pros: We have good subcontractors that are reliable, Los Angeles is two hours away for items I cant find in SD, Good colleges to keep skills updated & to find student help, Great weather and beaches.
Cons: It a small fashion community, Cost of living is high, traffic/commute can be long. Can't find the fabric and trims needed for projects must drive 2 hour to LA.

Fashion Designer in Miami:
"Designing fashion apparel for women."
Pros: My profession is my hobby. I love designing and its process of becoming real.
Cons: Sounds easier than it is. You constantly have to have new ideas. And you should foresee the trends and customer behaviour.

Fashion Designer in Hawaiian Gardens:
"Awesome cloths."
Be big smart creative free and colorful and let ur heart give u the ideas.

Fashion Designer in New York:
"The Rat Race."
Pros: High energy and inspiration is everywhere.
Cons: Price of living feels like I will never be able to enjoy the things I love.

Fashion Designer in New York:
"Hostile cut throaty."
Pros: Close to home.
Cons: Sneaky people --

Fashion Designer in Los Angeles:
"Isn't glamorous."
Must be creative and very technical.