Finance Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Finance Manager?

Finance Manager in North Aurora:
Forecast to save yourself stress. Pay down debt when cash flow is good. One dollar in expense saved by each employee every workday is almost $10k at the end of a year.

Finance Manager in Warwick:
Make sure you have a degree.

Finance Manager in Morristown:
"Expectations versus time constraints."
Family time is not an option if u want to succeed.

Finance Manager in Orange:
"Work Hard."
Work hard and work fast or you will never get ahead.

Finance Manager in Boston:
"Wish I knew is never amount to more than a middle manager."
Work at big firms at least to start your career. Could be a big 4 accounting firm or a fortune 500 business. Consider working on Wall St while you are young and in your 20s. This will prep you for later in your career. Definitely get advanced degrees such as the CPA or other professional exams and get it just out of school. It becomes too hard to fit in as you get older and have a Mortgage and family to take care of. This was some of the best advice my dad ever gave me. I kept up my license all these years (which is easy) and even though I don't now remember nor do I use anything I learned from getting my CPA license, it continues to help me get jobs I would never normally get without it and get paid a lot more than I would without it. I know as I know what some of my peers make without the exam.

Finance Manager in Covington:
"Finance Manager."
Pros: Most of my day is spent coaching associates to perform in customer service and developing skill sets.

Finance Manager in Norcross:
"That I would take on more work than what I was hired to do."
Do not take on more work & no pay.