Finance Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Finance Manager?

Finance Manager in Houston:
"Work schedule governs life."
In accounting, personal life has to be planned around reporting deadlines.

Finance Manager in Torrance:
"Great company if you are OK w/ long hours & a lot of stress."
Go in aggressively. Ask questions as much as you need to. Do not waste time trying to figure it out on your own as you will have no desktop instructions to help you and your coworkers will be silo'd in their own jobs. Don't allow yourself to fall behind. Keep your boss up-to-date on status. Expect to work long days and be very, very busy at least for the first year or so. As you get better at your job, you may get a life.

Finance Manager in Pasadena:
"Up is Up."
New Finance Manager's should always present well, act with confidence, keep up their appearance and try to empress their collegues. Respect is earned and seasoned veterans do have experience and good advice to pass on. Always stay focused and stay motivated.

Finance Manager in Kalamazoo:
"Fight for appropriate compensation."
Need to fight for appropriate compensation in the scope of duties you are required to perform.

Finance Manager in Lynchburg:
Pros: It's great. Goal driven structure with rewards for performance.
Cons: When a customer doesn't give you the opportunity to make a presentation.

Finance Manager in Vernon:
Pros: Learning new skills and meeting goes new people.
Cons: The hours are a little long. Would like more consecutive days off.

Finance Manager in Clarkston: