Financial Analyst Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Financial Analyst?

Financial Analyst in San Diego:
"Do what you're passionate about."
I suggest they work hard to figure out if that is what truly motivates them.

Financial Analyst in Dover:
"Learn the system software."
Learn the programs used by the company.

Financial Analyst in Memphis:
"How to do a bank reconciliaiton."
Learn how to do a bank reconciliation.

Financial Analyst in Cincinnati:
Pros: Coworkers. Work.
Cons: High stress. Company owners.

Financial Analyst in Schaumburg:
"Solid company."
Pros: Benefits, work life balance, professional atmosphere.
Cons: Aging workforce does not appeal to the younger generation, creates change management issues.

Financial Analyst in Orlando:
Pros: My coworkers are all on the same page with trying to make sales incentives more simple and more accurate.
Cons: Tedious repetitive tasks should be automated.

Financial Analyst in Madison:
"Learn Lean Six Sigma, Excel and Communication Skills."
Get ahead adding Lean Six Sigma, Excel and Communication Skills to your technical skills to get ahead and become a leader in your company.