Financial Analyst Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Financial Analyst?

Financial Analyst in Dayton:
"Challenging Yet Rewarding."
Pros: Challenge, analysis, culture, continual learning, and relationships.
Cons: Unorganized company and declining industry.

Financial Analyst in Valencia:
"Work More. For Less. Much Less. The Company Calls It "Fun""
Pros: Doing what I'm very good at doing (data analysis: financial modeling development), working with very good people (who are also VERY underpaid for what they do for the company)
Cons: Severely underpaid, but get to do what I love to do (for the first time in my life). Is that a "fair trade-off"?

Financial Analyst in San Ramon:
Pros: Highly intellectual boss that takes the time to train employees and work from home, financial modeling, increase of technical skills mainly in Excel.
Cons: Corporate culture, rewards not highly based on merit, not technologically advanced, savvy or current, dirty data, slow environment.

Financial Analyst in Westbury:
Pros: The job responsibity is very challengeing however always learning new knowledge on a daily basis.

Financial Analyst in Nashville:
"Laid Back Work Environment, Excellent Training Program."
Pros: Ability to move up quickly based on merit. Fairly entrepreneurial environment.
Cons: Sometimes the work can be repetitive in nature.