Financial Analyst Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Financial Analyst?

Financial Analyst in Pontiac:
"Financial Analyst Salary."
Don't settle for less then what you are worth.

Financial Analyst in Chicago:
"Financial Analyst."
Pros: I enjoy working in excel and performing financial analysis.
Cons: Lack of creativity in an accounting role.

Financial Analyst in Knoxville:
"Financial Analyst at a Government Contractor DOE site."
Pros: Enjoy working with all level of management.
Cons: Very little pay compared to others in my job and some know less than me.

Financial Analyst in Washington:
"Looking for a job in Financial Analyst."
Pros: Wh I like most about this.
Cons: What I like about my job is the fact that I can analyze all financial documents.

Financial Analyst in Homer Glen:
"Work hard."
Work hard be respectful and loyal. The assets of the company should always be protected.

Financial Analyst in Orlando:
"Management and Work Flexibility."
Pros: I like the flexibility and breadth of work that I'm able to participate in. My job is never the same 2 days in a row and that keeps duties fresh. I also enjoy the trust and confidence that management has put in me to determine what the best way to accomplish something is and get it done. I am in charge of a student intern and this has also helped me work on my leadership skills with low risk.
Cons: I do not enjoy the administrative portion when having to do performance review write ups and annual training refresher courses.

Financial Analyst in Pittsburgh:
"Financial Development."
Pros: Learning about financial modeling of healthcare systems and developing business plans for projects to improve healthcare within healthcare system.
Cons: Barriers to project implementation because of senior leadership and high level planning failure.