Financial Analyst Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Financial Analyst?

Financial Analyst in Los Angeles:
"Great Weather and access to beach."
Pros: Access to beach and social events such concerts, plays and movies.
Cons: Traffic.

Financial Analyst in Seattle:
"Fast-paced churn and burn culture."
Pros: Learn a ton as a finance analyst. Be prepared to get your hands dirty with SQL and other "business analyst" type responsibilities. Have a crazy amount of ownership. (Almost) everyone you work with is smart.
Cons: It's impressive if you make it past a year as a finance analyst at Amazon. Most people that make it past a year at the company move on to roles outside of finance. Management can totally make or break the job. Be prepared to work 50-60 hours regularly in the "slow season" and 70 hours when things pick up. Compensation is tied up in RSUs so there's a good chance you'll be underpaid seeing as most people never see their stocks vest due to the high turnover rate. People really do cry at their desks. Unrelenting stress and deadlines.

Financial Analyst in Woodland Hills:
"I enjoy working there except the commute is too long."
Pros: People are nice, lots of restaurants near by.
Cons: Too far from where I live. Wish the traffic going there wasn’t so bad.

Financial Analyst in Fort Worth:
"Fort worth."
Pros: Close to work home.
Cons: Nothing.

Financial Analyst in New York:
Pros: Love working in NYC. Lots of fun things to do and places to go.
Cons: Crazy commute. It is very competitive.

Financial Analyst in Chicago:
"A great gig."
Pros: I get paid more than the accountants and I get to leave earlier.
Cons: I could be doing more engaging work.

Financial Analyst in Dallas:
Pros: Love the people, intriguing work.
Cons: There is nothing I don't like about my job.