Financial Analyst Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Financial Analyst?

Financial Analyst in Vancouver:
Pros: Always good places to eat. The city is beautiful.
Cons: Traffic is the worst at times. Parking is expensive and there are alot of beggars.

Financial Analyst in El Segundo:
Pros: The team was supportive and felt like a family. Great benefits and always reward employees for their hard work.
Cons: The inefficiencies with the systems which add on unnecessary work.

Financial Analyst in San Diego:
"Great city to live/work in, although expensive."
Pros: Great weather while not at work, friendly people in general.
Cons: Work long hours and never have the opportunity to enjoy the great weather.

Financial Analyst in Detroit:
"Repetitive and buerocratic."
Pros: Easy work once monthey cadence in role is learned.
Cons: Promotions are not subjective and are based on time with company and not performance.

Financial Analyst in Redmond:
Pros: Work flexibility, great work team and organization, can work from home when needed, altogether a great company to be apart of!
Cons: I have no current issues with my job.

Financial Analyst in Atlanta:
"I love what I was doing."
Pros: Working alone and the hours I worked.
Cons: The pay was too low for what I was doing.

Financial Analyst in Cedar Rapids:
"Fast paced and under paid."
Pros: It is close to home, fast paced environment, my job matters.
Cons: The pay, sitting at a desk all day, I don't feel I have any management positions to grow into.