Financial Controller Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Financial Controller?

Financial Controller in Albuquerque:
Have a life outside of work.

Financial Controller in New York:
"Soft Skills."
We all know going into the profession that we need to have technical skills to succeed. The soft skills are the biggest area that I did not anticipate. The controller will interact with all levels of management and all departments as well as manage a team. Soft skills are absolutely critical, so hone them will working your way up.

Financial Controller in Valencia:
"Transitional Resistance/ Objections to Changes."
*Knowledge of Practice and Policy is Primary. *Be punctual, lead by example, own the Business. *Balance People, Process, Product theory of Business. * Rectify without Criticism - key to win Trust. *Ask penetrative questions but avoid annoyance. *De-personalize conflict situations/ personalities. * Dwell on facts and not hypothesis.

Financial Controller in Boulder:
"Small business banking."
Know the industry completely, what each person involved job requires and set markers in each area to measure if resources are sufficient to obtain success. Win/Win scenarios only, both internally and for long term relationships.

Financial Controller in El Paso:
"Learn as much as you can."

Financial Controller in New York:
"Cost - Benefit Analysis."
Pros: I am able to use my skills from prior accounting positions to solve problems on the job, take on additional roles within the company, and feel confident in my ability to perform well above the company's expectations.
Cons: I have to be the bearer of bad news and give honest feedback to my bosses who sometimes aren't open to hearing it.

Financial Controller in Boise:
"Accounting as a career."
If you are thinking of going into Accounting/Finance or you are a recent college grad, know that this it is a lifetime of learning & developing skills. Every single business requires some type of accounting. It is fun to learn new industries & see how the accounting/finance world changes with the needs of the business. If you are not detail-minded this is not a career for you. It can be tedious & monotonous at times, but I find the fun in just about everything, so I look for challenges. It is exciting to find something that was missing, not balanced or input incorrectly. It gives you a sense of accomplishment.