Financial Controller Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Financial Controller?

Financial Controller in Louisville:
"Hub City."
Pros: I work in an older area of the city, with historic buildings, homes and businesses. Lots of character.
Cons: The commute to/from is not fun. I live about 35 miles away, in another town and it takes at least 45 minutes to get to work, and at least 45 minutes to get back home.

Financial Controller in Spokane:
Pros: Culture, flexibility, Managing, financial analysis, board interaction, human resources, payroll, budgeting,

Financial Controller in St. Louis:
"The 80/20 Principle."
Lower your expectations.

Financial Controller in Des Moines:
"Stay on your game."
Always think two steps ahead of your audience.

Financial Controller in Providence:
"Knowing what you don't know."
Be prepared to learn things you never intended on learning.

Financial Controller in Fremont:
"Get in writing retirement plans."
Get your employment contract in writing when dealing with a small business.

Financial Controller in Bangalore:
"Internal control."
Overall control on whole process.