Financial Controller Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Financial Controller?

Financial Controller in New York:
"Things to do, traffic/commute, food, walkability, city cultu."
Pros: That I live in New York.
Cons: There is not a thing I don't like about working in New York.

Financial Controller in Cleveland:
Pros: Laid back people.
Cons: Traffic and the marijuana smokers.

Financial Controller in Memphis:
Pros: People are very friendly and hard working.
Cons: Crime, weird accent, food: too much BBQ and fried food.

Financial Controller in Troy:
Pros: Nice office, new building, flex hours.
Cons: Lack of management, lack of leadership, lack of training and support.

Financial Controller in Lincoln:
Pros: A great community to raise kids.
Cons: Small job market.

Financial Controller in Suffern:
Pros: It is right off the thruway so it is an easy commute.
Cons: It does not have the best opportunities, cost of living is high.

Financial Controller in Stratford:
"Good opportunity but weird company."
Pros: Commute time, people are nice.
Cons: Management, performance rewarding.