Food Service Worker Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Food Service Worker?

Food Service Worker in Chillicothe:
"Don't work for people who don't care."
Dont get used , demand respect, keep track of your hours , and don't work for people who don't know what there doing.

Food Service Worker in Houston:
"Job expedience."
Pros: I like that I can be my own person.
Cons: No one else is going to be able to respect that die to then trying to make me.

Food Service Worker in Rochester:
"So far its great relax environment great costmers experience."
Pros: The set hours 7 to 3.
Cons: I only get a 30 minute lunch and no breaks.

Food Service Worker in Price:
"Fun Food Handler."
Pros: I enjoy cooking, n enjoy it when people likes a good home cookin. I had my own business called Modern Day Chuckwagon, I took an old camp trailer n turned it into my kitchen on wheels. Had alot of fun doing this.
Cons: Nothing.

Food Service Worker in Dyersville:
"Decent job."
Pros: Interacting with the patients.
Cons: The heat.

Food Service Worker in Schenectady:
Don't let people get you down.

Food Service Worker in Cincinnati:
"Stress on a daily basis."
Pros: Like what I do -make pizzas -run the deli-
Cons: Management runs us ragged all the time and lets us scramble for products we need to complete our jobs everyday.