Food Service Worker Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Food Service Worker?

Food Service Worker in Appleton:
"Great job."
Cons: The hateful people.

Food Service Worker in Bethesda:
"It has its ups and downs."
Pros: That I get to interact with a lot of people.
Cons: The hours suck, I have to constantly tells my coworkers to work and do stuff even tough I'm not a supervisor/manager no one seems to care really.

Food Service Worker in Rochester:
Pros: Summers off. Paid holidays.

Food Service Worker in Hawkinsville:
"B strong."
Make sure this is what you want to do cooking for inmates is stressful.

Food Service Worker in Junction:
"My Job."
Pros: My paycheck and the possiblity of moving up to management.
Cons: Coworkers tardiness or absence. Busyness. Customers.

Food Service Worker in Yuma:
"Kept in the dark."
Pros: Customers and multitasking , challenge of customer satisfaction.
Cons: New un experienced employees making more then me , no raise after years of working.

Food Service Worker in Greensboro:
"Food runner."
Pros: I love the environment that it provides and I am extremely satisfied with the complements associated with my business.
Cons: It's is very hard when it is busy. I run to serve customers and try to serve every one the same.