Food Service Worker Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Food Service Worker?

Food Service Worker in Fort Collins:
"Stressful, and underpaid."
Pros: The area itself, a lot of cool businesses.
Cons: Living costs are higher than most jobs are willing to pay

Food Service Worker in Long Branch:
"I enjoy it and the company."
Pros: Close to my house
Cons: None

Food Service Worker in Jamestown:
"Good place."
Pros: The people.
Cons: Weather.

Food Service Worker in Kansas City:
Pros: Being allowed to work as young as I am.
Cons: Minimum wage is low. Barely making more than that.

Food Service Worker in Chicago:
"Over rated."
Stay busy and be happy as this is just another phase.

Food Service Worker in Fayetteville:
"At weeks end we’re short 11 people."
Pros: I can take a shower in the locker room they provide. I can grow a beard.
Cons: Management, staff morale, company policies, wage, stress level.

Food Service Worker in Corona:
Pros: I love interacting with people and making sure every single person has a satisfying experience. The customers that I've grown a relationship with makes me go to my job as a content person.
Cons: I hate that some customers are extremely disrespectful but I always tend to make sure everyone is satisfied. Some of my co workers as well as my employer are very unprofessional that makes the workplace uncomfortable.