Front Desk Clerk Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Front Desk Clerk?

Front Desk Clerk in Mountville:
Pros: Meeting new people.
Cons: Frusterating at times, rude guests.

Front Desk Clerk in Stockton:
"Fun never boring."
Pros: Meeting the different people that come through the hotel. Making there stay as comfortable as possible. As long as I get a smile.
Cons: The hours and the pay.

Front Desk Clerk in Fairfield:
"I work night shift."
Pros: I like to be at service to people.
Cons: Under paid for night shift.

Front Desk Clerk in Houston:
Pros: Love the patients.
Cons: The management is terrible, and the pay is unacceptable.

Front Desk Clerk in Naperville:
"Over Worked And Under Payed."
Pros: Meeting new people daily.
Cons: I run the front desk, breakfast and all the sheets. I am the only person on my shift. Also I have to remove the snow and mop and vacuum.