Front Desk Clerk Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Front Desk Clerk?

Front Desk Clerk in Fort Worth:
"The management."
Pros: This job looks and sounds easy but it is not. There are many rules to follow, and processes that need to be followed. This allows structure in the workplace. It makes me feel safe.
Cons: The bad is actually the good. By were we are located, rules are constantly being broken, and cause trouble in the hotel, and me who tries to follow them. Management does little to do anything and blames the clerks for things that happen in the hotel and does nothing to correct it. Management allows very questionable people into the hotel and allows them to stay for long periods of time with out paying, and if the guest leaves without paying his bill he blames the clerks for it, even though we tell him about almost daily. Also he sometimes allows them back, whether or not they pay their back bill or not, its up to him, and allows them to rack up another one.

Front Desk Clerk in New Braunfels:
"Hard work."
Pros: Working with my guests and being a part of their vacation and good experiences while they are there.
Cons: Being under appreciated by my manager and my guests.

Front Desk Clerk in Azusa:
"Corporate culture."
Pros: Working alone in my office, do research for the company president, travel arrangements.
Cons: Micro managed, several bosses or who think they are my bosses. Telephone calls all day an most calls are for the wrong division. No motivation whatsoever for the employees. Dealing with customer complaints.

Front Desk Clerk in Geneva:
"Surprisingly pleasant. ...usually."
Pros: Dealing with friendly people......
Cons: Unruly guests...rude customers. ...

Front Desk Clerk in Merrill:
"What it's like to be a front desk clerk at a hotel."
Pros: Constantly meeting new people.
Cons: Office Conditions, Stress level.

Front Desk Clerk in Mountville:
Pros: Meeting new people.
Cons: Frusterating at times, rude guests.

Front Desk Clerk in Stockton:
"Fun never boring."
Pros: Meeting the different people that come through the hotel. Making there stay as comfortable as possible. As long as I get a smile.
Cons: The hours and the pay.