Front Desk Clerk Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Front Desk Clerk?

Front Desk Clerk in Norton:
"Beautiful Town, Low Paying Jobs."
Pros: Meeting new people though work, knowing everybody in town and how everyone comes together if something goes bad. It's absolutely beautiful here in this majestic part of the Appalachian Mountains.
Cons: The low paying, back breaking jobs. I make $7.80 and hour, widowed with 4 teenagers. It doesn't go far. The company doesn't care. We don't even have insurance.

Front Desk Clerk in Conway:
"Need Reforms."
Pros: People are friendly in Conway.
Cons: Salaries are low. Employment is, for the most part, seasonal. No real manufacturing industry. Almost all jobs are online application. Most of the employers only look when they need someone so you may be behind a thousand other apps. There are no employment protections. Most employers do not offer insurance.

Front Desk Clerk in Pine Bluff:
Pros: Meeting the many different guests and never a dull shift.
Cons: Odd hours and low pay.

Front Desk Clerk in Sheboygan:
"Stressful but a wake up call into the real world."
Pros: That I get to meet new people everyday.
Cons: All the guest expecting more than what we have to offer.

Front Desk Clerk in Mabank:
"I like my job because it's work for right now."
Pros: It pays my bills at the current moment.
Cons: The management is terrible. The customers that come in are entitled and disrespectful.

Front Desk Clerk in Milford:
Be sure to be not afraid of being in the presence of jail inmates, and people surrendering to warrants. High traffic area of people constantly coming in with applications for pistol permits and other issues. Job requires being in the element of danger. And multi-tasking, dealing with the public while answering the the phone, constant computer work and dealing with difficult people at times.

Front Desk Clerk in Panama City:
"Customer Servive."
Pros: The job is not micro managed. I enjoy working with a variety of people from different cultures and classes.
Cons: The people from different cultures and classes. Working the desk alone with no ability to take breaks or lunches completely away from the desk.