Front Desk Receptionist, Medical Office Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Front Desk Receptionist, Medical Office?

Front Desk Receptionist, Medical Office in Amsterdam:
"A great time. Love meeting and seeing patients."
Pros: Being able to comfort and help patients in their time of need
Cons: Pay rate.

Front Desk Receptionist, Medical Office in Tucson:
"The experience is grest."
Pros: The people. I enjoy talking to them, helping them and even though some patients may be rude I know they are there for an unpleasant reason so I try my best to make their check in time less stressful.
Cons: My salary.

Front Desk Receptionist, Medical Office in Palm Beach Gardens:
"Speed and accuracy utmost importance."
Pros: Helping people.
Cons: At times we are too busy to maintain the accuracy that's expected and the speed that is demanded.

Front Desk Receptionist, Medical Office in Louisiana:
"Life in LA."
Pros: I love that it is close to home and a small community. You get to know everyone and their stories, which I think is pretty neat.
Cons: Everyone will know your business and spread things about you.

Front Desk Receptionist, Medical Office in Huntington Park:
"Right for me."
Pros: I like that its a people just job, I live being able to interact with a variety if people throughout the day.
Cons: Slow days and having little or nothing to do.

Front Desk Receptionist, Medical Office in Dallas:
Pros: My boss has empowers me to make the job "my own". She encourages me and rewards my loyalty to the company. I also like that I am able to train on the job and jump into new projects that arise.
Cons: The front desk used to just be me working 30-50 hours a week depending on the season. Now we have 1 full-time and 2 rotating part-time employees at the front desk. Also, there is no room to grow within the company. Since it is a private practice, we have a small staff. If you plan to get complete a degree or pursue higher education, you are guaranteeing that your boss will demote to part-time status. Since being a front desk receptionist doesn't require an AA, AS, BA, BS, or Master's degree, your boss will see this as a sign of you quitting in the future.