General / Operations Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a General / Operations Manager?

General / Operations Manager in San Jose:
"General Manager with optimal satisfactory record."
Pros: Employees, Flexibility, office conditions, perks, the owners.
Cons: Flexibility, stress level, and that is it.

General / Operations Manager in Klamath Falls:
Pros: Work flexibility. I'm in charge of everyone. I do have higher ups (owners). Relaxed in the winter.
Cons: For people who have bad anxiety, this may make it worse sometimes, in the summer it gets so busy it's very stressful and customers complain a lot.

General / Operations Manager in Brighton:
"Love my job."
Pros: I love the interaction with people especially the kids...after all they arr the root of our businesd.
Cons: I feel I am underpaid for all im expected to do.

General / Operations Manager in St. Cloud:
"Taking the ups and downs of the business."
Pros: Can be very rewarding.
Cons: Can demand to much from one person.

General / Operations Manager in Hamilton:
Pros: People I work with employers are good people.
Cons: Corporate standards high stress level not much flexibility.

General / Operations Manager in Modesto:
"Great so far."
Pros: My team, my staff keep me motivated.
Cons: The pay.

General / Operations Manager in Los Angeles:
"Wearing many hats."
Pros: There's never a dull moment in a very busy retail environment. I'm mostly independent in the decision making process (trusted by my bosses/the owners). I make my own schedule. While it's a private for-profit business, the nature of my field (active transportation) involves an element of advocacy that is very fulfilling. The job is unique in that I interact with the public sector (working directly with local government - strategic planning and transportation departments of the city where we are located). My particular bike shop is a very dynamic business which gives me the opportunity to play many roles. We primarily focus on bike rentals, we do bike sales, we have bike tours, we teach bike classes, and we're the largest commuter facility in the nation (providing infrastructure to support cyclists). Active transportation is an emerging field and I like the idea of growing with it.
Cons: It's very hectic and demanding (working long days with no overtime). It can be hard to fulfill every role that this particular business model requires of a GM. There's little direction from the owners which puts the pressure on me - little training offered. It's still a small company, so there's little upward mobility after my current position. Bike shops can be less welcoming for women - this field in general has few women and this less mentors. Within my company in the only woman in charge and there's definitely differences in the way I'm treated.