General / Operations Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a General / Operations Manager?

General / Operations Manager in Austin:
"Working as an invoicer."
Pros: I enjoy working in a face paced, high volume environment. Always pushing me to new limits and challenging me to stay organized in a chaotic layout.
Cons: Very stressful. Very tedious work. Limited on tools to achieve goals.

General / Operations Manager in Red Lake:
Pros: Helping our customers & being a reliable source for additional resources and assistance when needed and that our company supports our communities financially.
Cons: The hours I have to work, not just straight full time hours, have to be available 24 hrs a day.

General / Operations Manager in San Diego:
"Stressful, tiring."
Pros: Communicating with customer.
Cons: Having to work a 3 man job.

General / Operations Manager in Upland:
"Good, flexible, high stress, high turnover."
Pros: I love my associates, company, and the services we provide.
Cons: The pay, it is very hard to keep associates happy when they do not feel valued.

General / Operations Manager in Dallas:
"General/Operations Manager lifestyle."
Pros: I am in an industry I truly enjoy. I am extremely advanced at selling products and love to sell.
Cons: I hate the hours. I hate the bad work environment. I hate the false pay that I was told, the commute, the owner.

General / Operations Manager in Gahanna:
Pros: I get to travel a lot and meet many different people.
Cons: There isn't really anything bad about the job.

General / Operations Manager in New York:
"You get to do a little bit of everything."
Pros: Project management and making sure everything happens. Being in control of all the moving parts to ensure that things move forward.
Cons: Lots of responsibility and when things fail it's on your shoulders. People look to you for guidance and you don't always have the answers.