General / Operations Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a General / Operations Manager?

General / Operations Manager in Charleston:
"Horses Are A Lot Of Work But Worth It."
Pros: I find it rewarding working with the horses. When they are hungry I feed them, hurt I heal them and sick I nurse them. They are as grateful to me as I am to them. They are kind and beautiful and I love them all.
Cons: The stress of dealing with ordering and coworkers.

General / Operations Manager in Westminster:
"Sky Is The Limit."
Pros: I like having the ability to help others in the mortgage industry. I like to work with a diverse group of people within the banking industry and have the opportunity to meet people that have innovative ideas on how to 'get the job done' which pushes me to 'get it done better'.
Cons: I do not like big business unless I am the one in the position that is calling the shots. Stress is a factor that can take it's toll on you personally.

General / Operations Manager in Gardena:
"Greatest Employee"
Pros: I feel appreciated. Staff is very easy going. I have the opportunity to make major decisions. No one is looking over my shoulder and telling me what to do.
Cons: Inventory is very high as we manufacture and import flower pots from around the world. Owner is not very open and it is hard to communicate with him.