General / Operations Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a General / Operations Manager?

General / Operations Manager in Kalamazoo:
Pros: Make my own decisions about how to run the business.

General / Operations Manager in Houston:
"Stressful At Times But The Good Outweighs The Bad."
Pros: I have a flexible schedule with my employer that allows me to get my kids on and off the bus for school.
Cons: That almost everyone that works under me speaks predominately Spanish and I cannot effectively communicate with them.

General / Operations Manager in Cary:
"A Lot Of Work For Very Little Pay."
Pros: I love the dogs and their owners, and being part of a small business. I like the service we provide.
Cons: The hours are exhausting, the management is not consistent and turnover is terrible.

General / Operations Manager in Wichita:
"Stressful But rewarding."
Pros: Leading people, inspiring hope and positive change.
Cons: Stress and responsibility, politics.

General / Operations Manager in Greenville:
"Work Flexibility, No Stress, Work Conditions."
Pros: Flexibility to do what I want how I want whenever I want.
Cons: Late night hours.

General / Operations Manager in Cape Cod:
"The Management."
Pros: Work flexibility, low stress level.
Cons: Keeping good help with the money I'm allowed to pay my people.

General / Operations Manager in Fort Walton Beach:
"Catering/Sales Manager."
Pros: I love all of the people I get to meet and the small staff. It's a very personal, one on one environment.
Cons: Sometimes the small staff can cause things to become hectic. Too much of a work load.