General Manager, Restaurant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a General Manager, Restaurant?

General Manager, Restaurant in Apple Valley:
"Fun. Fast pace."
Pros: Working with people and dealing with customers.
Cons: Having to deal with employees calling in all the time.

General Manager, Restaurant in Hamburg:
"Some Opportunities For The Right People."
Pros: The initial opportunity that was given to me.
Cons: A publicly traded company cannot care about anything but the shareholders. Even when it is at the expense of the team, the guest and ultimately the product.

General Manager, Restaurant in Lawrence:
"Be The Example."
Restaurants are fast and sometimes harsh environments. The best way to get people to do what they should is to do it yourself as well. Hold them to your own standard. No one should demand something from someone they are incapable of doing themselves.

General Manager, Restaurant in Raleigh:
Pros: I love my job cause I love people but the work load is plenty sometimes were required to work 70 hours. We're told to run the business as our own.
Cons: The work load and working 6 days a week not being complimented for overtime this job can be very stressful.

General Manager, Restaurant in Studio City:
"Know Who You Are And What You Are Worth."
Make sure you are paid according to the work you do and how well you accommodate the needs of staff guest and needs of the store. Know your worth.

General Manager, Restaurant in Studio City:
Know who you are and what you are worth. Work for someone who appreciates you and will bend over backwards for you as you do for them.

General Manager, Restaurant in Indianapolis:
"Consistency Is Key."
Systems are the key to success. Remember most of the time things are never as good as you think they are, but at the same time they usually are never as bad either!