General Manager, Restaurant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a General Manager, Restaurant?

General Manager, Restaurant in Washington:
"I kale a lot."
Pros: The people, the environment and energy.
Cons: Less than stellar communication.

General Manager, Restaurant in Troy:
Pros: Being able to run things your way, writing your own schedule.
Cons: With great power comes greater. Responsibility.

General Manager, Restaurant in Everett:
Pros: Interacting with the public is the best part.
Cons: Owner has no business sense and is poor with budgeting. He doesn't invest in the company beyond food purchases.

General Manager, Restaurant in Plano:
"Quick Service General Manager."
Pros: Multiple interactions with both customers and employees. Continual day long interactions. Helping people and seeing their happiness.
Cons: Long days going into the night. Open to close schedule with little time off.

General Manager, Restaurant in Arlington:
"The Brig life."
Pros: The job is easy and rewarding when you see the smile on the customers you serve.
Cons: The bosses can be real jerks but other than that it gets very busy.

General Manager, Restaurant in Albany:
"The chickens have it easy."
Pros: Free meal to take home after a hard days work.
Cons: No break, no vacation, 6 day work weeks, low pay. Demoralized consistently.

General Manager, Restaurant in Austin:
"The Hat wearer."
Pros: Ability to mold and shape the restaurant in ways that will improve and enrich the lives of all that encounter it. The FOH staff.
Cons: Challenges of a small business and an old building. The BOH staff.