General Manager, Restaurant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a General Manager, Restaurant?

General Manager, Restaurant in Charlotte:
Pros: Variation. Flexibility. Always changing. Fast paced. Rewarding. Meet new people. Stability.
Cons: Hours. Stressful. Rude customers. Turnover. Work nights and weekends. On feet all day.

General Manager, Restaurant in New York:
"Work hard, be smart."
Pros: Schedule flexibility and able to make decisions about the path of the business.
Cons: Working outdoors. Managing the elements of mother nature.

General Manager, Restaurant in Shelbyville:
Long hours.

General Manager, Restaurant in San Jose:
"A good place to start a carreer."
Pros: Time flys by and interacting with my customers and employees...
Cons: Benefits and sometimes supervisors are not fair....

General Manager, Restaurant in Lima:
Pros: Making my own schedule (good and bad), working with the public, I continue to excel and get great reviews, coming up with my own solutions to problems I'm presented with.
Cons: Yearly decrease in health benefits, rising minimum wage without an increase to my salary, constant disruption of my personal life (phone calls at home, changing my schedule to fit the needs of the business), lack of good employees, minimal support staff.

General Manager, Restaurant in Winchester:
"Hard working, dependable person, work flexible."
Pros: Taking care of guess, different atmosphere.
Cons: The people they put in positions to help you. Not enough help.

General Manager, Restaurant in Liberty:
"Recognize When You Feel Mismatch Career."
When I was in my late 20s and working at my second job while raising family of five, I realized few months later that it was not the right place for me. But when I was offered a great opportunity to move from Missouri to Connecticut for another opportunity that I was excited about, I decided to stay at my former job because I thought, leaving would break my family. Life is too short, so my advice to young ones today. If a job really is not working out, find something new and change. Sometimes, random experiences make life exciting, and at the sametime will create or lead to new opportunities.