General Manager, Restaurant Advice

Q: What is it like working as a General Manager, Restaurant?

General Manager, Restaurant in Peachtree City:
"Go above and beyond."
Be familiar with your staff and commincate with them as individuals but plan for a team.

General Manager, Restaurant in Ottawa:
Pros: I love being in control and helping people grow.
Cons: I hate having to always be the go to guy.

General Manager, Restaurant in Woodbridge:
"Hard work and stress."
Pros: I enjoy meeting new people and training my employees to be the best and provide great customer service.
Cons: There is a lot of stress from upper management. As a Manager, we never have time to do administrative things, this is a hands on job, sometimes we work more then 50 hours a week or we work six to seven days straight to the point that your depressed! The lack of applicants make it difficult to hire people when needed. We don't pay junior management enough money for them to really care about the position. I don't mind taking ownership of my store, but sometimes I have to do maintenance on the store which is hard to do when your busy doing other things. Some stores are in poor condition and they want us as managers to paint, do plumbing work, sometimes replace floor tiles. So I consider myself a manager and a manager of maintenance department in my store. After working on a store you don't own, your to tired to work on your own house.

General Manager, Restaurant in Troy:
Pros: Being able to run things your way, writing your own schedule.
Cons: With great power comes greater. Responsibility.

General Manager, Restaurant in Ormond Beach:
"Burger king franchise General manager."
Pros: I can't say there is anything.
Cons: Over worked underpaid , to much out on one person and understaffed to cut their labor. No raises, no benefits, no paid sick leave or paid vacations, no nothing. Stress....

General Manager, Restaurant in Everett:
Pros: Interacting with the public is the best part.
Cons: Owner has no business sense and is poor with budgeting. He doesn't invest in the company beyond food purchases.

General Manager, Restaurant in Cleveland:
Pros: Scheduled and the people.
Cons: Work nights and weekends.