Graphic Designer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Graphic Designer?

Graphic Designer in San Luis Obispo:
"Satisfying work material, unsatisfying pay."
Pros: The amount of creativity allowed to explore on a daily basis. Corporate culture.
Cons: Not financially recognized for my merits, hourly pay instead of salary, not paid enough, not given enough freedom to establish my own projects and manage myself. Office conditions.

Graphic Designer in Denver:
School is good to learn skills such as adobe creative suite.

Graphic Designer in New York:
Pros: Creativity.
Cons: Annoying clients.

Graphic Designer in Chicago:
"Web experience."
Knowledge and experience with web design is crucial in the newer market.

Graphic Designer in Solvang:
"You Never Stop Learning."
Graphic Design is subjective and each job must be tailored to the needs of the client while also following the rules of graphic design. Graphic design is the type of job that is constantly changing - software upgrades and changes, changing trends in design, and changing needs of clients, along with your own changing skill level - make for an atmosphere that requires constant learning if you want to remain relevant. The graphic design field encompasses so much - web design, print design, retail design, books, logos, ads, etc - that you need to find what your specialty is and develop that specialty. I won't hire someone with a resume that has paragraphs of every program and skill that they say the are good at. I don't believe it. My field of expertise is design for print and layout, and photography. I'm not a web designer. Find what you're good at and develop that.

Graphic Designer in Huntington Beach:
"Keep Working Towards Your Goal And Don't Let Anything Stop You."
Keep working towards your goal and don't let anything stop you. Keep going to school and think outside the box. Everything is inspiration and art/concepts/textures etc. Can be inspired by everyday objects/places and things. Know your way around measurements and math and make sure to give your production team enough bleed to work with if your doing vehicle wraps. Stress level can change from day to day, but at the end of the day you love what you are doing and you keep on doing it, going and thinking forwards. Perks you have access to make stuff for your self and you can learn everything everyone does around the office to eventually creating your own company. Stay in school and if you can get into a company that does signs, print, graphic design and start by doing production. You will work your way up and know how to do everything to run a business whilst simultaneously working on certificates and degrees.

Graphic Designer in Essex Junction:
"Graphic Designing With A Plethora Of Other Responsibilities."
Pros: I am able to work as an artist and help others create fabulous clothes for customers.
Cons: Although I work in something close to my preferred field, the technology I am asked to use is outdated and frustratingly slow. Also, my time spent on art is often pushed to the side when customers need help or when staff runs low and I am asked to do jobs that I was not hired to do.