Graphic Designer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Graphic Designer?

Graphic Designer in San Marcos:
"The management."
Pros: Management.
Cons: Typesetting.

Graphic Designer in San Antonio:
"Great Company."
Pros: Always busy so there's always something to do.
Cons: I am completely satisfied with my job.

Graphic Designer in Milwaukee:
Pros: I enjoy the creative aspects of my work.
Cons: There's no room for error. Favoritism.

Graphic Designer in Philadelphia:
Pros: Creativity, flexibility, management, equal treatment.
Cons: Stress level, short deadlines, pressure.

Graphic Designer in Portland:
Pros: Creative environment, all working on something new, having a great team is helps.
Cons: Can be stressful, dealing with difficult clients can be challenging.

Graphic Designer in Washington:
"Creativity in the Workplace."
Pros: I appreciate the opportunity to utilize my creative talents in a work environment.
Cons: I don't like that my skills are not used to their fullest potential. I also dislike that people don't seem to value my input.

Graphic Designer in Philadelphia:
Pros: Creating beautiful visuals that make the world a more beautiful place.
Cons: Sometimes, customers interfere so much in the design process.