Graphic Designer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Graphic Designer?

Graphic Designer in Annapolis Junction:
Pros: Some creative freedom.
Cons: Disorganized company. Strict, outdated way of managing company. Too little vacation time. No work from home ability. No respect for employees. No HR department.

Graphic Designer in Grand Rapids:
"Mentally demanding, physically boring."
Pros: I get to take my ideas and make them reality.
Cons: It is very hard to be creative at all times. Also, I stare at a computer screen for way too much time per day.

Graphic Designer in Columbus:
"In the Life of a Graphic Designer."
Pros: Teamwork and management can be good sometimes if we are all the same level. Communication is key.
Cons: Stress and sometimes the clients are unsatisfied with their end result.

Graphic Designer in Ottsville:
"Graphic Designer Stuck In A Small Town."
Pros: Flexible hours, relaxed environment, occasional company outings.
Cons: They have me working three jobs for the pay of one. Limited promotion opportunities.

Graphic Designer in Detroit:
"Creativity at its best."
Pros: I'm able to turn materials into creative and interesting pieces for clients.
Cons: Conpensation is lacking.

Graphic Designer in Atlanta:
"It's always a good learning experience."
Pros: I like creating something everyday. I enjoy the feeling of being proud of my work.
Cons: I'm not doing any creative thinking. Just doing what people tell me.

Graphic Designer in Pittsburgh:
Pros: Working as a graphic designer is amazing.
Cons: I don't get paid enough for how hard I work.