HVAC Service Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a HVAC Service Technician?

HVAC Service Technician in Pasadena:
"It is challenging and rewarding."
Pros: I am treated very well and will be the head of the service department.
Cons: I feel that I am worth more an hour and could do more work if there was more work provided.

HVAC Service Technician in Rutherfordton:
"Is this career worthwhile?"
Pros: Troubleshooting...making something work properly that was broken before. Meeting new people, and seeing new places. Working on a wide variety of equipment.
Cons: Dusy, moldy, muddy, trashy, bug infested Residential crawlspaces. Cramped, Blistering hot, insulation filled attics. People who don't want to pay their bill.

HVAC Service Technician in Albany:
"Great job."
Pros: Love how much I learned at this company hope everyone gets the chance I did.
Cons: The company is great no complaints great people to work for.

HVAC Service Technician in Minneapolis:
"Love it, learn new things every single day."
Pros: Being able to make the person happy by fixing what ever had broke down. Working with my hands and being able to get the job done.
Cons: Plumbing is something I did not think I would be doing.

HVAC Service Technician in San Antonio:
Cons: RAIN.

HVAC Service Technician in Henderson:
Pros: Helping people feel more comfortable with the environment at home and gaining more proficiency in my skill!
Cons: Not being paid appropriately while being the main employee within my company and never getting the spiff sheets repeatedly promised.

HVAC Service Technician in Saginaw:
Pros: Diversity, travel.
Cons: Stressful, envirement.