HVAC Service Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a HVAC Service Technician?

HVAC Service Technician in Rutherfordton:
"Is this career worthwhile?"
Pros: Troubleshooting...making something work properly that was broken before. Meeting new people, and seeing new places. Working on a wide variety of equipment.
Cons: Dusy, moldy, muddy, trashy, bug infested Residential crawlspaces. Cramped, Blistering hot, insulation filled attics. People who don't want to pay their bill.

HVAC Service Technician in Minneapolis:
"A lot of varity."
Listen to the customer but take charge of the call.

HVAC Service Technician in Riverside:
"HVACr secrets to success."
First step is lose the attitude, and you don't deserve anything. Everything must be earned! Be humble and willing to accept criticism. Open your eyes, listen and learn! And lastly education never stops, keep going to school.

HVAC Service Technician in Boca Raton:
"Advancements Opportunities."
Be continually learning and completely honest.

HVAC Service Technician in Modesto:
"Like what you and other will too."
If you love your job it will make you life more pleasant and it will show in the quality of your end product. Not only will the customer be pleased but so will your employer.

HVAC Service Technician in Albany:
"Great job."
Pros: Love how much I learned at this company hope everyone gets the chance I did.
Cons: The company is great no complaints great people to work for.

HVAC Service Technician in Lansdale:
"Don'the expect to be a good service technician straight out."
To advance in this industry as an already very mechanically inclined person I had to leave my last job to find a company that was willing to toss me to the wolve's so to speak, The real education is in the field. Try to find a company willing to train and educate.