HVAC Service Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a HVAC Service Technician?

HVAC Service Technician in Mason:
"It is a good place to work."
Pros: Higher end clients
Cons: Commute

HVAC Service Technician in Smithfield:
You must pursue knowledge on your own to succeed.

HVAC Service Technician in Chelan:
Pros: Close to family, good fishing and hunting.
Cons: Rent is high and house prices are also high.

HVAC Service Technician in Anaheim:
"HVAC is a great career."
Pros: Being a HVACR service technician is a very rewarding and challenging, it's never boring. These machines are so complex, there is a lot of knowledge required to do this job correctly. The best part is that you are gaining a trade no one will ever take that away from you. You will always be making money in this trade if you really try.
Cons: Lots of physical work can get very stressful, summer is very busy you can not escape the overtime of summer.

HVAC Service Technician in Alexandria:
"That it would take so long to get the pay I was told."
Get whatever licenses and certifications that you can.

HVAC Service Technician in Hazleton:
"Go commercial."
I spent the last 16 years in the residential and light commercial area and the pay is terrible. Go with a contractor that does commercial, industrial and medical.

HVAC Service Technician in Minneapolis:
"Pay scale locked in."
Learn new technology.