HVAC Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a HVAC Technician?

HVAC Technician in Wauseon:
"Good enviroment in commercial work, longer hours."
Pros: Clean commercial work, learn a lot about skill you cannot in a classroom.
Cons: Long hours, on call during weekends or some nights emergency calls come in.

HVAC Technician in Atlanta:
"I like my job."
Pros: I like the people I work with and I enjoy doing my job.
Cons: Sometimes the person I work directly with complains too much.

HVAC Technician in Tavares:
"Just want to be paid fair to my perfomance."
Pros: Learning something new every day and love the field.
Cons: Being underpaid for my skills.

HVAC Technician in Milford:
"Learning how to run a business."
Pros: Im learning property management as well as my trade.
Cons: Boss is very strict and does not value my opinion.

HVAC Technician in Austin:
"Not enough hours, overpricing the customer, corporate cultur."
Pros: Helping the people when they needed help.
Cons: Corporate setting, overpricing the customer, not steady working hours.